The LA region's ongoing and planned ITS projects are described in terms of their architecture components in CONNECT-IT. Projects are defined not by name, but by type such that projects with similar system features and functionality can be identified. CONNECT-IT projects can be found in three ways:

  • By Project Type:  Ongoing and future projects are listed below.
  • By Stakeholder:  Organized by the stakeholder leading the projects.
  • By Service: Service packages defined by the National ITS Architecture describe the basic functionality such as Traffic Signal Control and are organized by category or service package area.


*CONNECT-IT follows the convention of the National Architecture (ARC-IT) to characterize each ITS service (also called service packages) as either OPERATE (meaning that it is an existing service) or PLANNED (meaning that there is a potential for future deployment; these are not necessarily programmed and can be at various levels of planning.)