An ITS Architecture for the LA Region

CONNECT-IT (Connect and Integrate Transportation Technology) is the regional Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) architecture for the LA County region. It is the blueprint for ITS project coordination and integration among public agencies. ITS applies communication and computing technologies to respond efficiently and proactively to demands for surface transportation-related services including safety and operations. As these demands increase in pace and complexity, staff benefit from coordinated project planning, deployment, and operations from both the technical and operational perspectives.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) updated the regional ITS architecture in 2018 to bring the region into compliance with federal requirements (pursuant to 23 CFR §§ 940.9 and 940.11) and to make it consistent with the National ITS Architecture version 8.1.  It also addresses the need for more coordination around the deployment and operation of ITS projects and technologies that has accelerated in pace and complexity in recent years.  CONNECT-IT presents a forward-looking opportunity for regional stakeholders to support the next wave of ITS investments and Smart City initiatives that will shape mobility in the LA County region in the years to come.