The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has been working with its local partner agencies to implement a wide range of arterial improvements to improve mobility and reliability in LA County, including signal synchronization, ITS investments, and enhancements to bus speeds. Understanding how well the transportation system performs greatly helps target the right projects to further address local and regional mobility and reliability needs.  These ongoing efforts are the Measure UP! program.

In 2014, Metro initiated the Arterial Performance Measurement Framework as part of the Measure UP! program to assess the feasibility of developing a countywide program to measure measurement on arterials to evaluate the needs, resources, and constraints for local and regional jurisdictions. The framework defined five primary components: performance measures, data collection/sources, data management, a performance measurement tool and provision of input to planning processes. These components were addressed through programmatic (management and institutional arrangements) and systematic (system for integration, analysis, and dissemination of data and performance measures) recommendations. The framework recommended a proof of concept as the next step.

The Arterial Performance Measurement Pilot Project is a proof of concept initiated in 2016 to tests the effectiveness of a performance analytics package for the Los Angeles County region's complex arterial and highway network. The pilot project has been testing an analytics package in one subregion to incorporate the key performance measures identified during the framework. The pilot project completion date is December 2018.

To complement the pilot project, the Countywide Arterial Performance Baseline Conditions Analysis was initiated in 2016. It evaluates the performance of arterials throughout Los Angeles County to provide agencies and stakeholders with a detailed, reliable assessment of service on each part of the network, and to establish a baseline for evaluation of various arterial improvements and investments. To facilitate consistent and ongoing performance reporting, a custom data processing and analysis tool was developed for each subregion. This Microsoft Excel-based tool provides stakeholders with on-demand access to several key performance metrics at various levels of aggregation.  This analysis was completed in April 2018.

The next step for the Measure UP! program is to implement an analysis tool for the entire region following completion of the pilot project.


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