The Los Angeles County Information Exchange Network (IEN) is a coordinated network engineered to share information and control of the various traffic control systems in Los Angeles County using a common distribution backbone. The IEN is the primary means to share traffic signal control information between agencies and facilities the coordination of signal timing across jurisdictional boundaries. The IEN has a number of capabilities which include but are not limited to: the sharing of second-by-second intersection data, incident and planned event tracking, and scenario management capabilities.

The IEN is currently operational in 24 different local agencies. Additional cities are being added as part of a condition of funding for new traffic control systems that requires IEN integration. This program is predominantly funded through Metro, but due to the institutional and technical nature of this program, it is treated as its own entity. The IEN work is closely integrated with the activities of the Traffic Signal Forums, and is being discussed as an integral component of all integrated corridor management and smart corridor efforts. The IEN coordinates with Regional Integration of ITS (RIITS) to support regional transportation information sharing.

The IEN will become an integral component of a majority of the region’s multi-jurisdictional projects such as integrated corridor management. However, as the IEN continues to grow and become more prominent in corridor management efforts, the system will require modernization. The IEN was developed close to a decade ago and as technology has advanced throughout the county, Metro and LA County have defined requirements for an updated and advanced “Next Generation” IEN to begin in 2019.

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LA County DPW

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Caltrans D7