CONNECT-IT should be kept updated on changes within the region; identifying technology changes and strategies agencies want to implement. CONNECT-IT builds upon the current framework as a stepping stone for the overall system. Each project implemented within CONNECT-IT will help to fulfill the objectives from the Long Range Transportation Plan.

Also, CONNECT-IT is the initial step for each project. It can be used to create project architectures that reference services, relationships, and technology. As projects are developed, ARC-IT tools shift the user from the planning to the deploying stages. This is especially important with an ITS project uses federal funding.

The ARC-IT tools include:

  • Regional Architecture Development for Intelligent Transportation (RAD-IT)
    • Database application
    • Focus on planning and operational concepts
    • Needs defined within application
    • Define multiple stakeholders per element
    • Integrates with SET-IT
  • Systems Engineering Tool for Intelligent Transportation (SET-IT)
    • Graphical tool
    • Project focused
    • Systems Engineering (SE) process
    • Updates Regional ITS Architecture
    • Outputs SE documents

CONNECT-IT consists of three primary components:

Final report - the most comprehensive view of the architecture, the final report is available in PDF format and contains the methodology, outreach activity summary, and all components of the architecture.

RAD-IT database - the RAD-IT database, based on version 8.1 of RAD-IT and ARC-IT, is available for download, and includes the interconnect details of the ITS elements and data flows. Interconnect diagrams developed from this database are used throughout the website.

Website - this website serves as a visual means of accessing the basics of CONNECT-IT and provides the ability for users to access the interconnect diagrams and associated stakeholders sorts by service package, stakeholder, or major project type.  When planning/designing a new ITS project, project sponsors can find associated information in CONNECT-IT that can assist in project deployment and regional coordination by searching in one of three ways:

  • Search by Project Type — Each project type includes a brief description, the lead agency(ies), associated stakeholders, service packages and service package diagrams for the project. 
  • Search by Stakeholder — Each stakeholder page includes a description of the stakeholder, the stakeholder's ITS inventory elements, service packages in which that stakeholder is the lead, and associated service packages in which that stakeholder is involved (likely exchanging data with another agency).  Note that in many cases the stakeholder is 
  • Search by ITS Service — Each ITS Service Package provides a definition of the service, and the ITS elements that are associated with it. Note that Service Packages by project can be viewed on individual project pages.

Technical Support — Receive technical support in using CONNECT-IT and verifying project compliance with federal and state requirements related to the regional architecture.